So, what’s a Green to do with their constituency vote?


Chris Napier

So much has been written about the tactical usage of the regional list vote in this election based on the assumption that the SNP will easily win most if not all of the constituencies. That has made the constituency vote – once seen as the more important – seem a bit overlooked.

Like most Green party members or supporters, I don’t have the option of voting for a Green on both ballots, so I’ve got a real decision to make with where to mark my constituency ballot.

This is made even more meaningful because the incumbent and favourite in my constituency is none other than First Minister, Nicola SturgeonContinue reading


Beyond the ‘Strivers and Skivers’ Narrative

Claire Hamilton Russell

Listen to any member of the Westminster government pontificate on their policies towards disabled people and the word “work” will come up again and again. The premier reason given by many of the Tory MPs who voted to reduce the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) entitlement for those in the Work-Related Activity Group (WRAG) to the same level as that of Jobseeker’s Allowance was “to help incentivise those people to enter employment”.
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Wealth, Envy, Boots & Showers


Chris Napier

It is often said that rich people are the source of all wealth, and, that anyone who objects to that orthodoxy is an underachieving layabout afflicted by envy. Furthermore, if we annoy the rich, they’ll go elsewhere and take their wealth, which tumbles from their pockets like a shower of gold, with them.

That is total bullshit.

Let me be clear. Rich people are not wealth creators, they are wealth extractors. That is why they are wealthy. Continue reading

No (Effective) Representation Without Taxation – How Greens Will Shake Up Council Funding

SGP Tax Plans

Allan Faulds

Following on from David Allison’s piece yesterday about how important local empowerment is, as a matter of democratic principle rather than cynical policy, it seemed a good time for to follow up by getting a little  bit more technical on some of what we need to put that principle into practice – namely, an enormous shift in the level of responsibility our local councils have over their own revenues and expenditure.

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