Green Chat – Yvonne McLellan


By Morvern Rennie


In which I just want to give Yv a huge bear hug.

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The new taboo


(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alasdair Duke

Modern schoolkids don’t just use computers more than their parents’ generation did. They don’t just acquire less ingrained homophobia than previous generations. They don’t just use American slang more than ever. They’re also learning about the new taboo.

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Big Green Tent

Chris Napier

If the past few days have taught us anything, it’s that we get hung up on labels a bit too much. Some folks are uncomfortable with the Greens being closely linked to socialism, some people think they are inextricably so.   The same argument can be (and has been) had to greater or lesser degree with respect to liberalism, environmentalism, libertarianism, nationalism and many other isms.

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The Green Crossroads


Chris Napier

It’s been a hell of a few years for the Scottish Green Party.  From the decision to run a distinct Green Yes campaign during the independence referendum through growing the membership fivefold to last week’s Scottish Parliamentary election where the party received more votes than ever before for a second best ever return in terms of vote percentage and winning six MSPs – it’s been quite a ride.

However, that expanded membership and MSP group leaves the Scottish Green Party at a crossroads as to where it goes next, and how it chooses to go there.

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The Activist Trap.


Chris Napier

Political involvement is a strange thing. Invariably, you get involved because you care, because you’re passionate about a cause or an ideology, about making the world better in some way. While of course, there is considerable disagreement between parties as to what that entails, at the end of the day you are willing to give up your time and energy to convince people to vote a certain way, to put pressure on government and politicians to adopt certain polices and do the less obvious work that supports all of that.

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#SP16 Report Card


Chris Napier

I’ve taken a few days to reign in emotion and get my sleep pattern back to what approaches normal when you have two kids under the age of two, but this is my attempt to look objectively at the winners and losers of Thursday’s election and the merits of each campaign.

TL:DR: #BothVotesSNP was a qualified success. The Conservatives played to their strengths and consolidated the unionist vote. Labour are in freefall. The Greens make gains but were squeezed, Lib Dems hold steady despite predicted oblivion and both RISE & UKIP fall short of expectations/hopes. Continue reading