No (Effective) Representation Without Taxation – How Greens Will Shake Up Council Funding

SGP Tax Plans

Allan Faulds

Following on from David Allison’s piece yesterday about how important local empowerment is, as a matter of democratic principle rather than cynical policy, it seemed a good time for to follow up by getting a little  bit more technical on some of what we need to put that principle into practice – namely, an enormous shift in the level of responsibility our local councils have over their own revenues and expenditure.

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Why do we tax property?


Allan Faulds

The Scottish Green Party have today launched proposals on taxation including a replacement for council tax. Described as a “Residential Property Tax” (RPT), individual councils would set the tax rate as a % of property values less a £10000 tax free allowance, with a recommended rate of 1%. Labour are proposing a property tax with a flat starting point of £450 added to 0.35% of the value of a property under £180,000 and 0.9% for the value above that threshold, whilst the SNP intend on retaining Council Tax with some tweaks, meaning most parties are going into this election arguing for property taxes at local level. Continue reading