#SP16 Report Card


Chris Napier

I’ve taken a few days to reign in emotion and get my sleep pattern back to what approaches normal when you have two kids under the age of two, but this is my attempt to look objectively at the winners and losers of Thursday’s election and the merits of each campaign.

TL:DR: #BothVotesSNP was a qualified success. The Conservatives played to their strengths and consolidated the unionist vote. Labour are in freefall. The Greens make gains but were squeezed, Lib Dems hold steady despite predicted oblivion and both RISE & UKIP fall short of expectations/hopes. Continue reading

So, what’s a Green to do with their constituency vote?


Chris Napier

So much has been written about the tactical usage of the regional list vote in this election based on the assumption that the SNP will easily win most if not all of the constituencies. That has made the constituency vote – once seen as the more important – seem a bit overlooked.

Like most Green party members or supporters, I don’t have the option of voting for a Green on both ballots, so I’ve got a real decision to make with where to mark my constituency ballot.

This is made even more meaningful because the incumbent and favourite in my constituency is none other than First Minister, Nicola SturgeonContinue reading

Mythbusting the Holyrood Voting System


Chris Napier

In the past few days, I’ve seen the leader of UKIP Scotland talk about preferences on the regional list vote as if it was calculated using Single Transferable Vote (it isn’t) and I’ve seen SNP supporters talk about splitting the vote and how polling shows a risk of the SNP’s majority being taken away.

Both statements are either terrifyingly ignorant or willfully manipulative and it pisses me off – not as a Green, but as someone who’s kinda interested in democracy and a bit of a geek about electoral systems. Continue reading