Leave Has Lessons For Us

Chris Napier

I am angry and I am afraid. Thursday’s referendum result feels like the start of something very dark, a turn towards insularity and xenophobia for the UK and Europe as a whole.

However, I will not turn inside myself. I cannot. We must not.
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#SP16 Report Card


Chris Napier

I’ve taken a few days to reign in emotion and get my sleep pattern back to what approaches normal when you have two kids under the age of two, but this is my attempt to look objectively at the winners and losers of Thursday’s election and the merits of each campaign.

TL:DR: #BothVotesSNP was a qualified success. The Conservatives played to their strengths and consolidated the unionist vote. Labour are in freefall. The Greens make gains but were squeezed, Lib Dems hold steady despite predicted oblivion and both RISE & UKIP fall short of expectations/hopes. Continue reading

Too Cautious to Govern?


Allan Faulds

When the SNP entered government in 2007, one of their first acts was to rebrand the “Scottish Executive” as the “Scottish Government”. This was a statement of intent from a party determined to make Scotland look just like any other country. An Executive is a dull, uninspiring thing. It doesn’t sound important. They wanted their administration, their Government, to be seen as a serious body, making the big decisions that affect the people of Scotland. Continue reading