Scottish Greens: New Year’s Resolutions?


James Thornbury

So we begin a new year, and I’ve come to the conclusion that those of us who are Scottish Greens need to have a talk about some fundamental things.

What do we stand for?

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I Want My Country Back


Martin Rowe

I’ve heard it said a lot by people that they want out of Europe, because they want their country back. Well, on this, especially after the events of yesterday, I have to agree – I too want my country back. But the country that I want back is not the same as the one that a lot of loud, angry people seem to want back. Continue reading

Big Green Tent

Chris Napier

If the past few days have taught us anything, it’s that we get hung up on labels a bit too much. Some folks are uncomfortable with the Greens being closely linked to socialism, some people think they are inextricably so.   The same argument can be (and has been) had to greater or lesser degree with respect to liberalism, environmentalism, libertarianism, nationalism and many other isms.

For my part, I think it doesn’t matter. We’re Greens and we are all of these things AND MORE. Continue reading