In 2014, the various Green parties across the UK saw an unprecedented surge in membership, mostly from young people who were energised by issues like the Scottish independence referendum and the movement against austerity.

Since that time, it’s become clear that there is a niche for a community blog seeking to celebrate, promote and discuss Green politics in a less highbrow, more irreverent fashion than tends to be the way of most Green blogs (although we do recommend the excellent Bright Green and The Common Green) to try and break down some of the popular misconceptions about Green politics in a constructive way.

Over the course of innumerable chats on Facebook and in person, a small group of us decided that we’d try and start such a site – and here we are.

We decided on the name Wee Radicals (although thanks to democracy and sarcasm we were so nearly called Bloggy McBlogface) to symbolise our commitment to radical politics and status as a small group of relative outsiders.

We also settled on a tag line – constructive dissidence from the lower left corner – to act as a bitesize MO, advising of our intention to be positive but unafraid to criticise both the mainstream or the official line of the Green parties and our general political leanings in the left/libertarian quadrant of the political compass.

In the beginning, Wee Radicals was formed by a group of contributors who are members of the Scottish Green Party mostly located in and around Glasgow but also in Edinburgh and Dundee. Over time, we hope to expand that pool in both geographical terms and by recruiting contributors who aren’t members but have something constructive to say about Green / left-libertarian politics.

The purpose of this site is to…

1. …educate about Green politics

2. …offer constructive alternatives to both mainstream political policy and suggestions for Green/Left parties to take forward.

3. …discuss Green policies and promote debate within the broad spectrum of Green members.

4. … celebrate and preserve the radical ethos and grassroots democracy that attracted us to Green politics in the first place.

5. …promote the ideals of equality, sustainability, democracy and non-violence.

This isn’t about propaganda or creating a cognitive echo chamber.  It’s about debate, constructive suggestions, breaking down the myths around Green and radical politics and engaging in some healthy dissidence.

We aim to misbehave, but in a positive sort of way.


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