Greens – fisting isn’t the way forward.


The Familiar

A raft of recent articles have been discussing the Greens becoming a more overtly socialist party. I wholeheartedly disagree with that idea.

Not just because all that fisting makes me cringe.

It stops me taking the fister seriously. Continue reading


Mythbusting the Holyrood Voting System


Chris Napier

In the past few days, I’ve seen the leader of UKIP Scotland talk about preferences on the regional list vote as if it was calculated using Single Transferable Vote (it isn’t) and I’ve seen SNP supporters talk about splitting the vote and how polling shows a risk of the SNP’s majority being taken away.

Both statements are either terrifyingly ignorant or willfully manipulative and it pisses me off – not as a Green, but as someone who’s kinda interested in democracy and a bit of a geek about electoral systems. Continue reading