One thought on “Ding dong Labour’s dead!

  1. Brus MacGallah says:

    But maybe it is.
    I read something the other day that day with some labour person saying it was Labour that “wot won it” (The referendum). He argued (correctly in my view) that only labour had the infrastructure, funding and boots on the ground to win the referendum. The Tories do not and the Fib-Dems definitely do not. The Tories will never get more than 15% of the vote and their vote is still in historical decline. Ruth the Mooth is welcome to sit impotently on the sidelines as the “Opposition” blethering her neo-liberal claptrap, because that’s all she’ll be able to do, blether.
    Psychologically Labour coming third would be a deathblow. Anytime they opened their mouths they’d be reminded that they occupy the space the LibDems used to occupy. i.e. a fringe party.
    It might be sad but in terms of IndyRef2 we need them to be dead, thought my opinion is Hell Mend Them. “Fly wi the craws ye get shot wi the craws” as my Granny used to say.


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