Roundtable: Richmond Park & the Progressive Alliance


On 1st December, Liberal Democrat candidate Sarah Olney won the Richmond Park constituency back for the Liberal Democrats after Conservative incumbent Zac Goldsmith had vacated the seat to contest the by-election as an independent to signal his opposition to the government’s support for the third runway at Heathrow airport. Continue reading

#SP16 Report Card


Chris Napier

I’ve taken a few days to reign in emotion and get my sleep pattern back to what approaches normal when you have two kids under the age of two, but this is my attempt to look objectively at the winners and losers of Thursday’s election and the merits of each campaign.

TL:DR: #BothVotesSNP was a qualified success. The Conservatives played to their strengths and consolidated the unionist vote. Labour are in freefall. The Greens make gains but were squeezed, Lib Dems hold steady despite predicted oblivion and both RISE & UKIP fall short of expectations/hopes. Continue reading