5 Reasons to Vote Green Tomorrow

Chris Napier

As much as I’m a member of the Scottish Green Party, I’m still a relatively new member (not yet 20 months in) and the reasons that I joined the party in the first place are the same reason I’ll be giving them my regional list vote tomorrow.

I’m not telling anyone how to vote, I’m just saying why I’m voting the way I am. Make of this what you will.

I’m voting for the Scottish Green Party because…

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Wealth, Envy, Boots & Showers


Chris Napier

It is often said that rich people are the source of all wealth, and, that anyone who objects to that orthodoxy is an underachieving layabout afflicted by envy. Furthermore, if we annoy the rich, they’ll go elsewhere and take their wealth, which tumbles from their pockets like a shower of gold, with them.

That is total bullshit.

Let me be clear. Rich people are not wealth creators, they are wealth extractors. That is why they are wealthy. Continue reading