Parliamentary Majorities Suck


The Virago

Okay, here’s the deal: I’m confident that we will make independence happen in my lifetime with or without the SNP getting ever larger majorities. I want to do it with a healthy parliament with diverse voices from across the political spectrum. Because I am a nerd.

I DO NOT CARE if the SNP lose seats, and I DO NOT BELIEVE that their total domination is what’s best for Scotland.

Don’t get me wrong: I am absolutely certain for a whole host of reasons that they are going to win a majority just on the constituency vote.

But if they don’t?


They were better in minority government anyway.


I am SICK AND TIRED of feeling like I as a member of the Scottish Green Party shouldn’t be saying anything that could jeopardise SNP fandom thinking I’m on their side on the off-chance I can get a wee loan of their regional vote. I’M NOT ON THEIR SIDE. IF I WAS ON THEIR SIDE I WOULD HAVE JOINED THE SNP.

If people aren’t capable of understanding that of course parties don’t want you to vote for someone else then I don’t really have anything to say about that. I’m not here to cater to the paranoid consternation of another party’s supporters, and I’m CERTAINLY not here to stroke egos.

Look, I’ve tried the other route. I’ve tried laying out the likely scenarios, pointing at 2011 figures and the 2015 figures and the current trajectories and the expected deviations and the margins of support, presenting both sides of the argument, reassuring folk that my constituency vote would be for the SNP (before I decided it wouldn’t). And I am DONE WITH IT. Finished. Enough. If the internet #BothVotesEstablishment gang were going to change their minds, they would have already.


The Greens are the BEST PARTY. You should vote for them wherever you can, because we are the BEST. We have the BEST policies, the BEST approach, and the BEST vision of an independent Scotland.

Yes, you heard me: The Greens would do independence BETTER THAN THE SNP. By a country mile.

Vote for MORE GREENS in Holyrood because you DO NOT CARE if that loses the SNP seats, even to Unionists. Because another Green MSP will make more of a difference than any given SNP MSP because we have tons of those already. In the highly unlikely event that it results in an SNP minority government relying on Green support to enact policy THAT WOULD BE AMAZEBALLS.

There is more than one way to independence, people. Why are you choosing the SUPER BORING way? You used to be cool.


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