5 Things We Need To Sort Out Before Indyref2


Chris Napier

I voted Yes on 18th September 2014 and I’d vote Yes again if there was an independence referendum tomorrow.  However, the biggest lesson I learned from the first indyref was that not everyone is as enthusiastic or convinced by the merits of an independent Scotland as I am. As such, I think there are some things we need to address before we go full steam for Indyref2. Continue reading

A Cynics View of the EU Referendum

Chris Napier

I don’t give a shit about the EU referendum campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from apathetic about the EU or Britain/Scotland’s place within it, but the debate provided by both official campaigns seems to be grey haired white men in suits arguing about which course of action is best for the City while attempting to appeal to a sense of British nationalism.

Neither tactic enthuses me. However there is more to the EU referendum than the mainstream campaigns. Continue reading