5 Things We Need To Sort Out Before Indyref2


Chris Napier

I voted Yes on 18th September 2014 and I’d vote Yes again if there was an independence referendum tomorrow.  However, the biggest lesson I learned from the first indyref was that not everyone is as enthusiastic or convinced by the merits of an independent Scotland as I am. As such, I think there are some things we need to address before we go full steam for Indyref2. Continue reading

Re-building Jerusalem – Brexit and the need for English Land Reform.


By Morvern Rennie

Deep in the forest a gentle breeze rustles the canopy above me wafting the smell of hay and rippling the dappled light across the ground. My children squeal and giggle, the dog pants, somewhere a cockerel crows. The softly undulating hills vanish into a vermillion sky where great marshmallow clouds puff lazily eastwards.


Or perhaps a parallel time machine has transported me to the fabled brexit yesteryear?


This is England. 2016. Continue reading