It’s the Environment – stupid


By Morvern Rennie

The picture above accurately describes my feelings every time I read a musing on whether Greens should join, ally with or vote for Labour from now on. Continue reading


Climate Change and Trade Unions


By Sandra Owsnett

What’s the connection between being a Trade Union member and a Scottish Green Party member?

There are no jobs on a dead planet!

Climate change is the biggest single threat to current and future generations. Continue reading

Just Transition and Trade Unions



Climate change is one of the most urgent challenges we face.  A transition away from a high carbon fossil fuel economy is an opportunity for sustainable Scottish jobs.

A recent headline in the Herald stated “Britain’s oil industry could lose a further 45,000 jobs this year, a senior figure in the sector has warned.  Sir Ian Wood said that 150 jobs are being lost on a daily basis and cautioned that the rate of losses this year was comparable to 2015.” Continue reading