Currency Poll

The Common Green

£1 Note - Scottish Parliament Commemorative Issue

I’d like to run a straw poll to help inform some thoughts I’m having on currency.

So imagine you are in charge of the newly reformed indyref2 campaign. You’ve been asked to direct the currency question strategy. What’s your preferred “Plan A” going into the campaign?

Feel more than free to expand on your thoughts in the comments below.
(If it’s your first time commenting on this blog you may end up in a moderation queue. I’ll approve as quickly as I can)


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EU know it’s the Fault of the English…

Scotland Welcomes You - photo credit Gregory Wake

Paul Derbyshire

As I sit here in my office just south of Glasgow surrounded by – mainly – Scottish people, I am reminded I’m English. I’m also reminded that there are many differences between the indigenous Scots and immigrants of all shapes, colours, denominations and cultural backgrounds and a lot of these differences I just don’t like or want to justify. Continue reading

Referendums should be used sparingly

Dalbeattie_Town_Hall cropped.jpg

In Dumfries and Galloway, 46.9% voted to Leave (image: Dalbeattie Town Hall, Wikimedia Commons)

Alasdair Duke 

Constitutional referendums should be avoided if it is likely that the winning side will only carry 50-59 per cent of the vote. This margin leaves too many people disappointed, and the bargaining begins. The trade-offs that follow may not be popular or transparent, so they risk undermining the whole democratic process. A referendum on a minor single issue might withstand a narrow winning margin, but constitutional change benefits from a greater consensus. Continue reading

I Want My Country Back


Martin Rowe

I’ve heard it said a lot by people that they want out of Europe, because they want their country back. Well, on this, especially after the events of yesterday, I have to agree – I too want my country back. But the country that I want back is not the same as the one that a lot of loud, angry people seem to want back. Continue reading

A Cynics View of the EU Referendum

Chris Napier

I don’t give a shit about the EU referendum campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from apathetic about the EU or Britain/Scotland’s place within it, but the debate provided by both official campaigns seems to be grey haired white men in suits arguing about which course of action is best for the City while attempting to appeal to a sense of British nationalism.

Neither tactic enthuses me. However there is more to the EU referendum than the mainstream campaigns. Continue reading