Gender recognition & human rights: an interview with Elaine Gallagher

elaine photo ruth ej booth

by Cass Macgregor

Gender, sex discrimination, sexism are generally recognised as socially constructed issues which create a power imbalance and lead to inequality. The Scottish government has proposed to improve rights for trans people in the gender recognition process and to recognise non binary gender identity, where a person isn’t either a man or a woman. Gender is increasingly seen as more complex than simply male or female (binary). The Scottish government’s consultation on review of the gender recognition act is open until 1st March 2018 (link at the end).

I am a cis woman; my gender identity corresponds with the sex I was assigned at birth. I’m keen that other cis people understand what it’s like if you don’t identify that way, so my pal Elaine Gallagher agreed to meet up for a chat about her experience of being trans, gender recognition and the debate so far. Continue reading